Random thoughts for Thursday

I read blogs of other bloggers everyday. I can’t really say what my obsession is other than I like to see what other peoples lives are like? Does that make sense? Some write about their farm life, cooking, their children and their pets. Many are authors who write blogs and sell their books on media and hard copies also. Some are spiritual in nature and I read but have to be careful because sometimes the things they say are not to my belief as I read the Word of God. Some are very funny and I get a chuckle that I am not the only klutz around.

I have wondered if my blog ever touches anyone, is it boring or do people really enjoy reading it. I try to make mine a varied blog. Some of travel, my fur babies, my kids, news items, things that happen to people I know and try to make it worth reading.

The other day I wrote about not being a good cook; well today I am going to say I don’t like to dust. When we moved to our new downsized house we had to get smaller furniture to fit the smaller rooms. We went off light Oak to dark wood. OMW (oh my word) you can dust it every day and the next you could write your name in it.

So I will see if it helps but I bought table runners and place mats from LTD Commodities that say Live, Love and Laugh. I put a table runner under the TV in the living room and one on my long dresser in the bed room. I already have one on the white cabinet in the living room (which really we have 3 (two are stacked) – they are used as cabinets as I have an 8 x 8 kitchen. You put a stove, dishwasher and Ice Box in there and you don’t have any cabinets for storing can goods or cereal). Oh, back to my story. I put place mats on both of the end tables in the living room and on the night stands in our bed room. Now I can dust the edges and shake the runners and place mats when they need it. I also leave 4 placemats on our kitchen table which is also dark wood.

I found a photo of the white storage cabinets but please excuse Nicky, she is a photo boomer.


Hubby sold his 1993 C4 Corvette a week ago. I know he didn’t want too but he just felt it was time. He has enjoyed it for several years and it was time for it to find a new home. He also wanted his R/T truck to get to set in the garage. We only have two garages here where we had 3 oversized ones at the other house. He has always wanted to take a trip to Alaska so maybe he will use the money for that. He deserves it for giving up his baby that he put so much work (and $$$$) into. Bye to his loved corvette:


We need to get our dogs more “social” because we want to eventually travel and will need to take them with us. Up to this point when hubby would take Nicky for a walk he would end up carrying her back home (30 lbs.). She would freak out at everything. So we took them to the Exploration Center – across the bridge to the Indian Center then across the other bridge to the Veterans Memorial Park. I let them say HI to Grandpa’s brick on the WWII Memorial (I put one of each paw on it and said Hi Papa), I am sure he was laughing in Heaven if he can see us. Then we went back the same way. Nicky freaked out at first at every person that passed and Buster tried to go in the river after some ducks. But it was a good day and they enjoyed it.

Have you ever heard of half price books? I bought 18 books there yesterday of Karen Kingsbury. They were each .99 cents but one which was $1.49, of course you have to pay between $2.99 and $3.99 shipping per books but that still only adds up to like $5.00 for a soft or hard back book. I want to read all her Baxter and Flannigan books so that is what I ordered. I already had a few but paid much more for them. Check it out:


Well, until next time have a great week and try to keep warm or chilled – depending on you part of the country! Crazy weather.




3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Rita
    May 15, 2014 @ 17:35:50

    Keep em coming!


  2. Diana
    Jul 04, 2014 @ 12:56:05

    I read your blog! You just seem like someone with a loving heart for Jesus and those around you surely know you are a blessing. Nicky is darling… when the pets photo bomb it’s okay, ’cause really, who can’t love a face like that? I think I’ve read almost every Karen Kingsbury book there is, along with hundreds of other Christian books. My favorites are the Amish and Mennonite stories… maybe because my ancestors were Mennonite. We have some dark wood furniture, too, so I understand the dust thing… I just don’t worry about it… people should come to see me, not my apartment! KEEP BLOGGING and I’ll keep visiting! Blessings to you. :)


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