Beautiful Fall Weather

Sunrise in Estes Park looks like fire on the Mountain.

A photographer sent this to me on Facebook. I agree with him, it totally looks like fire on the mountain when it is really a sunrise. Such beauty can be found in the mountains at any time.

Erik Stensland Fine Art Photography is the photographer. He has a calendar for sell for 2015 of many of his shots. Go to his studio if you are interested. I can’t wait to get mine. That way I can enjoy CO all year.
What have I been up too? I have been reading. A LOT.

Karen Kingsbury

  1. The Redemption Series has five books (done)
  2. The Firstborn Series has four books (done)
  3. Sunrise Series has four books (done)
  4. Above the Line Series has four books (on the fourth book)
  5. Bailey Flanigan Series has four
  6. and the Coming Home is a stand alone

22 books all together. My husband asks me if I get a prize for finishing them. I said yes, I had the joy of ready good clean Christian books that inspired and uplifted me. They are all wonderful. I have her newest book called “Angels Walking” to read when I finish these. If you have never read her you might want to pick one up. I am sending these to my mom as I finish them.

If you are an American Idol or any of the reality shows of singers you might want to read FIFTEEN MINUTES – this is an eye-opening book to how these shows change people. What they expect of the contestants and how they lie and get rumors going even when they aren’t true. It would be a good Christmas gift from any parent who has a child that wants to go to Hollywood or any of these talent shows.

Fifteen Minutes

My Aunt is on Facebook now – she ask me the other day about what POKED meant and what it was. I really don’t think this photo would help her, do you? I told her it is just when someone didn’t write but just wants to say “Hey – I haven’t forgotten you”.


My son and his wife were here this weekend to go to a wedding in Winfield. I don’t know why they didn’t leave sooner but they got to the wedding 10 minutes late and didn’t get to go in. Coming from Shawnee KS to Winfield was a long trip but they did enjoy the reception.


They looked very nice. We had our grand dogs for the weekend also. Maybe I am getting older but I was worn out when they left Sunday. That is a lot of movement with four dogs, five adults running around. (My daughter came and went to dinner with us also.) I think they have only been home one weekend since they moved. We have yet to see their house. IKEA is five minutes from them – HELLO, I need to get up there.

My daughter-in-law LOVES to sleep – well so does my daughter, I found this t-shirt that I had to post on her Facebook page. I hope she found it funny, I wasn’t trying to be mean.

Wake up

I know HALLOWEEN is coming up. Other then the tiny kids I believe it to be the tackiest holiday here is.  I did find one photo that I thought was the BEST:
Until later! Have a safe Halloween and take the little girls note to heart. Don’t forget to turn you clock back on Saturday night so you won’t be early for church. If you like my blogs please leave a comment, I would love to hear what you think. Thanks!

Training to Kennel; Estes Park CO

We are trying to get our two dogs to kennel. We would like to be able to take them on trips.


Buster on the top has never been kenneled and he is nine years old.

Nicky on the bottom was kenneled when she was small until she became completely house broken.

Now we are trying to get them to sleep in their kennels. Last night was NOT a good night.

Remember when you brought a new born baby home and he cried endlessly. Yep, that is what happened last night. I got up and yelled at Nicky to be quiet at 2:30 AM; then Buster barked until he almost lost his voice. Finally at 4:00 AM I got up and let them out. They went outside then zoomed to their beds in our bedroom. Not another peep until this morning.

We went and bought another wire kennel for Buster hoping that if he can see out more he might calm down. We will try again tonight. As with a baby, I believe we are in for some long sleepless nights until they are trained again. If you have any tricks please let us know!

We did go on a vacation a few weeks ago. I know, everyone says how can you go on a vacation when you are retired. A vacation is AWAY from home. Somewhere different. We spent our first night in Loveland, CO. Because of the floods of last year the 36 Hywy is not open yet so we had to take 34 Hywy from Loveland.

The next morning when we woke up to leave; someone had backed into my car. The desk clerk saw it happen and took the gentleman in and got his insurance and copy of his driver’s license. The insurance was canceled. Long story short they found him and he says he has new insurance. I pray he does so I can get my $240.00 copay back for having my bumper replaced.

We had a wonderful time. I wanted to see the Elk and got to see many of them. Listening to their bulging for their harem and watching the bulls practice their fighting. It is amazing how they get right in the front yards of houses and walk right down town and into the lake area.

2014-10-08 09.33.04

We drove up into the Rocky Mtn. National Forest Park and got a lot of beautiful shots of mountains and the fall trees. The photo of the orange mountain I caused by the sun rising. I got a beautiful photo when we went to the meadows one morning to see the Elk herds.

My photos are on my laptop and I have not transferred them to my desktop yet.  The photos below are not mine, they are put on Facebook by artist and Estes Park. They say to share them so I have. Makes you want to go up doesn’t it?


We drove to our hotel one day and seen a black bear in broad daylight in the trash can outside our room. He was about 200 lbs. Beautiful. Didn’t get a photo but I wanted to hug him! ha ha

The weekend we went to CO my son and his wife moved to Kansas City. It is really strange to not be able to drive to Park City and see them. We have yet to go see their new home. Wish is why we are trying to get the dogs trained. They have two dogs and two cats. So it would be a pretty full house if they aren’t kennel trained!

Have a great week.


You may lose friends, but family is forever.

2014-08-24 08.05.51

In the last two weeks I have lost both of my friends (in photo). I grew up with Barry and his family.  When Billie started coming to our church years ago I got to know her. She had a laugh that would literally put you on the floor laughing with her. They were God loving people with two wonderful sons and grandchildren. Although Billie had Stage 4 Cancer; Barry left this world about 13 days before her. They are now together again.

When you stop to think about all the friends you have had in your life – how many do you get with now? How many have turned their backs on you for whatever reason?

My husband and I have lost several friends to death. I don’t mean to view death as “forever” because I believe we will see them again when our time is up and what a REUNION that will be.

Listening to Dr. David Jeremiah on Sunday he too talked about how former friends are no longer friends because of differences in beliefs. How sad it is that if one doesn’t believe exactly like you then you can no longer be with them. We all serve the same God and he never preached to walk away except for certain reasons. The only reason I know that is biblical is if one turns their back on God and blasphemes Him. I know I have not done that.

NOW for more fun stuff!

2014-08-24 12.12.22

My only grandson just turned seventeen and has entered his Senior year! Wow, how can that possibly be? His mom took him to the KC and Vikings football game this past weekend. It didn’t matter to him which one won as he is a big fan of both. This photo makes him look like he has ear rings but he doesn’t. Must have been whatever he was standing in front of. Jennifer and he had a wonderful time in KC messing around.

2014-08-23 15.07.34

This is a photo she sent me on Facebook of them being at the California Pizza Kitchen when he was younger and then now. As any teenage boy can do he could probably eat the whole pizza by himself this time! ha

The Family of Jesus

I just finished reading The Family of Jesus by Karen Kingsbury. It would be great for a Bible Study or Book Club. It has extra studies in the back of it.

Fifteen Minutes

I JUST finished this one; Fifteen Minutes by Karen Kingsbury. If you follow American Idol, or any of the talent shows this is a wonderful book to read. It tells what goes on behind the scenes and how the show works to it’s ratings advantage. I would recommend it to anyone. Karen Kingsbury is a Christian writer so you don’t have to worry about any bad language or stuff you would rather not read.

My son and his wife are moving to Shawnee, KS on Sept. 13th. He has already been up there working for almost a month. They found a house and she has found a job – at least for now. I am excited for them, yet sad because they won’t be as close. A mom never wants her kinds to move away but they do sometimes. I imagine once my grandson goes to college his mom will leave Wichita also. Will have to wait and see.

Have a great week everyone!

It is Thursday! Throw back photos.

Since I retired I keep forgetting what day it is. I invited my kids to meet us at Cracker Barrel last night for dinner only to find out it was Wednesday! I wanted the “Turkey” dinner that is a Thursday special. I was rather disappointed. Yet, each week holds a Thursday so I will go another time.


Here is a “Thursday” throw back photo for you. Bob and I got married on a Thursday (March 13, 1969). He was in the Air Force. I was 18 and he was 20. Boy was that a long time ago! Would love to be THAT THIN again. lol

Dad and I

Here is another one of the same day with my daddy. I remember he told me; “Now sis, when we go through that door, you can either turn right and go out the front door and I will take care of everything here. Or you can turn left and get married. The decision is up to you.” I miss him so much, he was my dad, counselor, friend and the most wonderful man I have ever known. I love this photo of us.

Sandy w 1970 VW Bug

This is a photo of me at our second apartment with our 1969 “bug”. As you can notice Bob “flared” the back finders and put larger tires on the rear. After that other people started doing it also. I loved that bug. I drove it all the way to California from Kansas by myself – not knowing it would not heat up I did not use the A/C in the desert. It was one long hot ride. lol

Jeremy and Jennifer on trip to Disneyland CA

Jeremy and Jennifer on trip to Disneyland CA

This is a photo of our twins, about 8 years old when we took them to Disneyland in California. They picked out the clothes they wanted to wear. I never dressed my twins alike accept for photos. I knew they were individuals and did not want to dress them alike. Besides the fact they were boy and girl they were mirror twins. Jennifer is right handed and Jeremy is left handed. If she was cold he was hot. They look alike but are totally opposite of each other. They are now 36 and have always been best friends.


This is a photo of my sister, Caroline. She was 3 years older than I am. We were never best friends like my kids were. Yet, I miss her everyday. She left us in 2010, seven months before my dad passed.

Sandy and Claude - 1968

This is my graduation dinner photo. My date was Claude. I have no idea where he is now. I did not get to go to my high school prom but our church had a Senior Graduation Dinner for us. Love my BIG hair and gloves! Yeah 1968!

1965 Fastback Mustang

This was our 1965 Mustang Fastback. Sure which I had that car now. This photo was taken in California at my husbands parents house (Garden Grove, CA) in 1969. On the way there we stayed in AZ over night and watched the first man set foot on the moon. Will never forget that.

Bob and I with my Great Grandma Ghan and nephew Jimmie (pre twins)

Bob and I with my Great Grandma Ghan and nephew Jimmie
(pre twins)

Last one – this was before we had the twins. Bob, my Grandma Ghan, myself and my nephew Jimmie. Grandma had come to visit my mom and we took this photo in the back yard.

Hope you enjoyed the trip down memory lane with me!

Is it wrong to question your doctor?

It is reverberatingly quiet in my house right now. I am so used to my fur babies making noise, wanting out or tackling and fussing with each other that when they are at Diva Dogs getting all cleaned up and pretty I don’t really know how to enjoy the peaceful, wondrous peace that is present.

I recently found a wonderful website called:
While we were in California the books started rolling in. I ordered 18 books by Karen Kingsbury. I LOVE, LOVE her writing. Pictured below are just a few of them.

Kingsbury books

I also just ordered her newest release:

The Family of Jesus

This book will be good for individual reading, she also has a study guide and DVD’s that go with it for a church study group. She tells the story of Jesus in common everyday life as if we were there. I am so excited to get it. Hopefully this weekend. I may have to read it before I start on the other 18 books.

I know I have not written on my blog for almost a month. I need to explain that I have still been experiencing health problems – no, not serious but I just set and stare a lot, or just don’t have the energy to do ANYTHING. I can wake from a very good night’s sleep and an hour later I am ready for another 8 hours of sleep. I have ask my doctor for ages to do a TSH and T4 test on me for my thyroid but he felt that his normal CBC blood work was enough. It showed that my Thyroids levels were within range. I took it upon myself to go have my own blood work done at a Lab and see what it said. For the TSH the reference is 0.35-4.94. For the T4 the reference is 4.8-11.7

My TSH was 1.48 and my T4 was 5.9. Yes, they are within “range” but at the lower end. After telling doctor this he finally decided to try me on some Thyroid meds. Yesterday was a good day and it seems that today is also going well. My mind is clear and I am not so totally exhausted that all I want to do is sleep. I started the meds on July 4th and they say it takes up to 3 weeks to really so improvement. I am excited – I pray it continues to get better and better.

The symptoms I have been experiencing are:

  •  I am gaining weight inappropriately
  • I am constipated, sometimes severely
  • I have hypothermia/low body temperature (I feel cold when others feel hot, I need extra sweaters, etc.)
  • I feel fatigued, exhausted
  • Feeling run down, sluggish, lethargic
  • My skin is dry, scaly and very thin
  • I have a hoarse or gravely voice
  • I feel depressed
  • I have pains, aches in joints, hands and feet
  • I feel restless
  • My moods change easily
  • I have feelings of worthlessness
  • I have difficulty concentrating
  • I seem to be losing interest in normal daily activities
  • I have more feelings of sadness
  • I’m more forgetful lately
  • I can’t seem to remember things
  • My eyes feel gritty and dry
  • My eyes feel sensitive to light
  • I have tinnitus (ringing in ears) (although I believe I got mine from a fall)
  • I have vertigo
  • I feel some lightheadedness

These are the symptoms for Underactive Thyroid / hypothyroidism. Out of a list of 40 I have 22.

I feel that even if I am at the lower (within range) that doesn’t mean that everything is working correctly. My symptoms speak for themselves. My husband and children are glad I went ahead and took the blood test myself to find out what my levels are. Time will tell if this will help or not but I pray it does. My husband says he wants his Sandy back, and my kids say they want their mom back. The old mom who was fun, enjoyed doing things, felt like going places. This one doesn’t.

Are we wrong to question our doctors? No, I don’t believe we are. They have so much on their plates and we know our bodies better than anyone. I believe we have to follow our own hearts and find out what is going on.

Well, that is enough for today. I hope I didn’t depress you too much!

Oh, we finally got our basement shower fixed – there was a small peace of solder in the pipe. That simple! But now the shower has PLENTY of pressure.

Thank you for you reading my blog and babbling you are all great!

Route 66 to California

A week ago B and I got back from California. We had gone out the prior week to see his family. He had lost his only sister in February and we needed to help go through his sisters, Moms and her parents things. His Nephew was overwhelmed with all the stuff that was there. We had NO idea how much stuff they had until we arrived.

As we drove along you could see parts of the old Route 66 along the highway. We went to OKC and cut across this time, usually we take US 54 all the way down through the corner of OK. We found it a much smoother and easier ride. Four lanes almost all the way baby!

If you look to the right, you will see a red car – he is on the old Route 66. I do not think I would want to travel it today, up and down and rough!

Route 66

We hadn’t made the trip for about 12 years so it was a long trip – we used to drive it straight through or stay overnight one night. We stayed overnight two nights on the way out but only one night coming home. I think we were on auto pilot and ready to get home.

Views along the way

The rock formations were beautiful. Looked like they were placed by God individually.

2014-05-21 07.29.45

The WIND FARMS were awesome they were every where!

2014-05-21 09.32.26

We seen several trains going one way or the other.

Once we arrived we got to see B’s family and for the first time meet their twins. Since I too have twins, a boy and girl; it was special to finally see these too. We hadn’t seen the oldest girl since she was a baby. We enjoyed going to a musical concert her school put on Friday night.  After going through letters we found her musical talent (she has played violin for 5 years) may have come from her dad’s father.

Murrell Family

Once we got into the garage we seen we had our work cut out for us. There were four steamer trunks; one dating back to 1850 which B’s great-grandfather brought over with them from England when they came to America. This photo was taken after they were empty and moved to another Niece’s home. They have a person who will fix them up and sell them, with the proceeds going to Cancer Research.

I would have loved to have brought one home but just didn’t have room. We rented a Rave 4 and had it full on the way back! The one on top is the one from 1850. They were all about that age but didn’t have any proof on the other three like we did on the top one. Following this photo are vintage family photos – with the explanation below them.


2014-05-24 16.55.08

2014-05-24 16.55.39

2014-05-24 16.56.34

Above are some photos we found. We think the girl is LuBelle Whitworth, next is her father J.R. Whitworth, and then LuBelle and Blaine on their wedding day. We have the suit that Blaine has on in this photo. LuBelle and Thomas Blaine Mitchell were married in 1917. We found LOTS of old vintage photos.

My husbands step-sister Iona came over and helped us identify people and we shared and talked for hours while working through the trunks and many huge plastic tubs of stuff.

2014-05-22 15.52.12

B was not looking forward to this trip. Going home after your  Grandparents, dad, mom, and now sister have passed does make it seem lonely. After the trip he was so glad he went.

On Sunday I’s girls (4) and their families had a cook out for us. We had a wonderful time catching up, meeting new mates and kids, the kids and some adults swam. After all it was California.


It was a long way home but we seen Cadillac Ranch and the Christ in stages to the cross.  We didn’t stop we just looked that way. We have seen them on the internet and that was good enough! ha

One place we did find of interest – we didn’t go in but thought I would show it to you – Route 66 Casino,

2014-05-27 08.32.10

Hope you enjoyed our trip – I spared you of a lot of photos! ha ha


Random thoughts for Thursday

I read blogs of other bloggers everyday. I can’t really say what my obsession is other than I like to see what other peoples lives are like? Does that make sense? Some write about their farm life, cooking, their children and their pets. Many are authors who write blogs and sell their books on media and hard copies also. Some are spiritual in nature and I read but have to be careful because sometimes the things they say are not to my belief as I read the Word of God. Some are very funny and I get a chuckle that I am not the only klutz around.

I have wondered if my blog ever touches anyone, is it boring or do people really enjoy reading it. I try to make mine a varied blog. Some of travel, my fur babies, my kids, news items, things that happen to people I know and try to make it worth reading.

The other day I wrote about not being a good cook; well today I am going to say I don’t like to dust. When we moved to our new downsized house we had to get smaller furniture to fit the smaller rooms. We went off light Oak to dark wood. OMW (oh my word) you can dust it every day and the next you could write your name in it.

So I will see if it helps but I bought table runners and place mats from LTD Commodities that say Live, Love and Laugh. I put a table runner under the TV in the living room and one on my long dresser in the bed room. I already have one on the white cabinet in the living room (which really we have 3 (two are stacked) – they are used as cabinets as I have an 8 x 8 kitchen. You put a stove, dishwasher and Ice Box in there and you don’t have any cabinets for storing can goods or cereal). Oh, back to my story. I put place mats on both of the end tables in the living room and on the night stands in our bed room. Now I can dust the edges and shake the runners and place mats when they need it. I also leave 4 placemats on our kitchen table which is also dark wood.

I found a photo of the white storage cabinets but please excuse Nicky, she is a photo boomer.


Hubby sold his 1993 C4 Corvette a week ago. I know he didn’t want too but he just felt it was time. He has enjoyed it for several years and it was time for it to find a new home. He also wanted his R/T truck to get to set in the garage. We only have two garages here where we had 3 oversized ones at the other house. He has always wanted to take a trip to Alaska so maybe he will use the money for that. He deserves it for giving up his baby that he put so much work (and $$$$) into. Bye to his loved corvette:


We need to get our dogs more “social” because we want to eventually travel and will need to take them with us. Up to this point when hubby would take Nicky for a walk he would end up carrying her back home (30 lbs.). She would freak out at everything. So we took them to the Exploration Center – across the bridge to the Indian Center then across the other bridge to the Veterans Memorial Park. I let them say HI to Grandpa’s brick on the WWII Memorial (I put one of each paw on it and said Hi Papa), I am sure he was laughing in Heaven if he can see us. Then we went back the same way. Nicky freaked out at first at every person that passed and Buster tried to go in the river after some ducks. But it was a good day and they enjoyed it.

Have you ever heard of half price books? I bought 18 books there yesterday of Karen Kingsbury. They were each .99 cents but one which was $1.49, of course you have to pay between $2.99 and $3.99 shipping per books but that still only adds up to like $5.00 for a soft or hard back book. I want to read all her Baxter and Flannigan books so that is what I ordered. I already had a few but paid much more for them. Check it out:

Well, until next time have a great week and try to keep warm or chilled – depending on you part of the country! Crazy weather.




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